Sharing Evenings

When was the last time we stopped for a moment to observe? To listen? To learn about ourselves? When was the last time we tried to understand what drives us? What governs us?

Between work, children, relationships, and the burdens of life, you are invited to stop for a brief moment for a unique experience of listening, inner observation, and self-learning.

You are invited to take part in an evening devoted entirely to you, and you don’t have to do a thing. A personal evening in a group, an evening in which learning takes place of itself.

For those of us engaged in developing self-awareness and are interested in healing themselves, strengthening insights and examining how to assimilate them in everyday life, for those seeking to learn how to bridge between the experiences of a workshop and ordinary life, this is a wonderful opportunity for sharing, learning, and perhaps a smoother transition to everyday life.

The evenings have been held every week for the last ten years in Gedera, at 8.30 p.m.

The evening is suitable for everyone, no preparation is required, and participation is free of charge.

Sharing Evening: Participants’ Experiences


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