From Materialism to Spirituality and Back

Have we ever asked ourselves whether we are taking full responsibility for our financial management? Do we dare to learn about our financial management? Do we want to observe our conditionings, our consumer habits, our spending?

We can learn about ourselves and our financial management, we can try to recognize some of the fears and anxieties that govern us in our financial management, we can bring awareness to this place too.

This learning process of two different but not contradictory worlds can create new levels of freedom, and even enhance our financial situation.

You are invited to consult with people that combined there financial knowledge with developing self- awareness. This consulting is free of charge.

“After the 2008 stock market crisis, when I realized that my pension and insurance had been devalued by more than 30%, I decided to make a change, to take responsibility, to learn and try to stop being afraid of money. I went to Itzik for financial and spiritual consulting and embarked on a journey that became a spiritual journey in a materialistic world. It was and still is one of the most fascinating journeys of my life. It was difficult at first, I discovered a great deal of ignorance, mainly my own, I practiced awareness, observation, learning, and today I am enjoying the path. It doesn’t matter where I get to, the fruit is already falling into my hands from the trees. I’ve saved large sums without working any harder, I’ve understood what governs me, I’ve learned what wise consumerism is, I’ve learned not to be afraid, not to be a sucker…”

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