Personal Sessions

There are people who walk a path of self-learning, developing awareness, and inner listening. People who learn to take responsibility and heal themselves. Talking with such a person, a person who listens, who does not give advice, who hears you out and tries to become a clear “mirror” reflecting dilemmas that have not necessarily been clear, can often lead to new understandings. It can create an opening to self-learning and self-therapy.


We often feel that something is troubling us, that something is “on our mind”. A problem at work, with our partner, in our everyday life with our children, our parents, ourselves. We are often filled with joy, excitement, the expectation of something new. There are days when we face deliberation, a controversial decision, a dilemma.


We invite you to experience a personal session where you can share and consult. The sessions are free of charge.


“I heard about personal sessions with Itzik and others. A girlfriend gave me his phone number. I heard that the session is free I was curious (I am not used to that). I decided to try. Today I talk to him on the phone, by email, in personal sessions. I realized that nobody wants anything from me. It’s a new experience for me. I’ve got a place that feels safe where I can ask, learn about myself, and get help.”

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