Awareness Understanding Meditation – A.U.M

A social dynamic intensive meditation developed by Osho and Veeresh involves 12 stages:

1.   Back to Hell – expressing negative energies by shouting “I hate you”
2.  Paradise – expressing love by saying “I love you”
3.  Second Wind – expressing our energy by running on the spot
4.  Kundalini – Shaking the body
5.  Mad House – expressing our madness
6.  Free Dancing – blending with music
7.  Crying – expressing sadness by crying
8.  Laughter- expressing our playfulness by laughing
9.  Dance of the Lovers- expressing our sexuality while dancing
10.Center of the Universe – making AUM sounds around a candle
11. Quiet meditation – quiet introspection and non-doing
12. Namaste – greeting each other by Namaste


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