Here and Now

About Us

Here & Now was founded by several people in Israel who walk a common path of self-learning, developing self-awareness, taking responsibility in all aspects of life, and a desire for self-therapy.

Underlying this path is a desire for giving and acting for the benefit of all.

The group’s activity currently focuses on a number of principal spheres associated with the development of self-awareness:


The People Walking the Path

We are a varied group of people. People who work in various occupations, raise children, and take part in the familiar routine of life.

At a certain stage in our life we decided to take a path of developing self-awareness and of self-therapy. In this way we try to bring awareness, direct our energies inward, and take full responsibility for our life.

For us, “walking the path” is an expression which means practicing awareness, giving to society, attempting to propagate good and to help the other.

We understand that this path never ends and we know that there are no goals to reach to. In our experience there is also the understanding that with learning we can experience new levels of freedom, and that we can change behavioral patterns that cause us suffering.

To learn about ourselves we make use of a variety of tools, workshops, meditations, personal processes, and so on. We are helped by other people who have chosen to take this path together with us and “walk the path”.



Shuli Anjel
Walk in the path of devolping self awareness since 2004

Tal Amitai
Walk in the path of developing self awareness since 2001

Sudipo Shani Gofer
Walk in the path of devolping self awareness since 2010

Rozi Gilady
Walk in the path of devolping self awareness since 2008