Primal Feeling Workshop

We would like to invite you on a journey.

A journey to the past, to the time when it all began…

A five days’ workshop led by Itzik Zauberman (Mahnand) and Here and Now team. Itzik graduated Osho’s Therapist Traning course and has more than 30 years of experience in self awareness work. Today he is using Primal therapy in groups and in private sessions. 

The workshop begins in the present and leads participants step-by-step to their childhood. It is a process of learning, profound emotional expression, and of creating an opportunity to heal the wounds of the past that are imprinted on us all. By means of this process we can experience change, discover the power hidden within us, and even experience liberation from the conditioning that governs our life.

The workshop will be held in Israel.

Based on personal experience, we consider the workshop an important part of a process that can begin before the workshop and continue after it. Based on this understanding we offer personal preparatory meetings prior to the workshop and support meetings after it. These meetings are included in the cost of the workshop.

“I came to the workshop without many expectations. I experienced a powerful jolt, I felt I was gradually shedding my defense mechanisms and beginning to search for what’s beneath them. Who I am. I started a process that changed my life. I’m working in the same job, I’m part of the same family. But instead of living in black-and-white, I’m living in color…”

“Primal Workshop was a life changing experience it should be mandatory for everyone I am finally able to move forward in life having released the parts that were blocking me” 



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