Primal Adolescence

איציק זאוברמן

On the Way to Freedom 2

Primal Adolescence

11-19 Dec 2015




You are invited to a workshop of self-learning, to release the bonds of the past and gain new levels of freedom!!


This workshop deals with the conditioning that was acquired from our parents and the environment. We will explore the conditioning that governs us as adults in areas such as masculinity, femininity, love, sexuality and relationships – conditioning that affects every aspect of our lives!!


This is a nine day workshop lead by Itzik Zauberman (Mahanand) and the Here and Now staff.


We recommend personal sessions as preparation for the workshop and as a support after the workshop. These sessions are free of charge.


The workshop will be held in our center on 11-19/12/2015 and is open to “Primal 1 – Primal Feelings” graduates.


If you have not yet experienced a Primal 1 workshop you are invited to a ‘personal Primal process’ as preparation for this workshop.


 For further information:

Amana: + 972-54-7267997