Itzik Zauberman (Mahanand)

Itzik was born in 1954 he is married and a father of two daughters and a grandfather of two grandchildren. He worked as an accountant and a business man. For the last 30 years he walks in a path of developing self awareness, therapy and meditation. He devoted much of his time learning the principles of Buddhism and modern psychology and graduated Osho’s Therapists Training course. During the years he helped hundreds of people in personals sessions. He participate in dozens therapy groups around the world and led Primal groups, Vipassana retreats, Tantra groups, Meditations groups, Sharing evenings and more. In his personal life Itzik combine the spiritual understandings with every daily living. Today, many people find in him an extraordinary ability to listen from a clean place and to reflect our true reality. He becomes a therapist and a teacher for life. Itzik way is characterized by generosity and giving for the enefit of all. His work is free of charge.